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    Telescopic cleaning head

    Telescopic cleaning head

    Application:Milk, beverage, wine, medicine, biology, cosmetics

    A kind of use in the tank and pipeline telescopic nozzle cleaning, including rotating mandrel head outside the body, the hair invention completely solve the cleaning nozzle under CIP cleaning tank or pipe after cleaning, material not secondary pollution cleaning nozzle to improve clean production environment, concrete working principle for the nozzle with fast connections in the line, when cleaning as long as the pipe cleaning water met the requirement of the pressure of the nozzle will automatically rotating head out in cleaning, cleaning effect after reaching the swivel automatically when water pressure drops back sealing surface formation, prevent material into the shower nozzle to material and nozzle sealing partition.

    Technical specifications

    Specification: 2 '

    Connection mode: clamp

    Material: 304/316 l

    Seal: standard EPDM and silicone, fluorine rubber can be used

    Work style: automatically

    Surface treatment: a fine car

    Temperature range: - 10 ℃ to + 95 ℃

    The maximum product pressure: 8 bar

    Minimum pressure of products: vacuum

    上一个: Fixed cleaning ball
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