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    ZAK centrifugal pump

    ZAK centrifugal pump

    Application:Milk, beverage, wine, medicine, biology, cosmetics

    Flow quantity: 1 t/h - 200 t/h

    Yang cheng: 0.8 bar - 9 bar

    Seal: single or double sealing machine to seal

    Inlet pressure: 100 kpa or less (one bar)

    Leaf wheel: high precision dynamic balancing

    Noise sound: within 1 meter or less 85 db (A)

    ABB IP55 electric machine: 380 v

    Transfer rate: 2900 RPM

    Material quality: 304-316 l

    Surface treatment: the fine cars, impeller and pump head sealing plate sandblasting another optional mirror

    Application scope: dairy products, beer, pure water, beverage, pharmaceutical, wine and other health fluid conveying

    This series of pump is single suction, single-stage centrifugal pump of health, is suitable for conveying liquid milk, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical and other kinds of body, dairy, beverage, wine, medicine and other industries is the indispensable transport equipment. Single highest use temperature about 100 ℃, double machine using the maximum temperature of 150 ℃. The high lift pump is particularly suited to online tubular sterilization, CIP cleaning resistance, such as a larger application in the system.

    ZAK series centrifugal pump is mainly composed of pump head, photosensitive plate, bracket, impeller, mechanical seal, motor parts, such as group. Design using smooth excessive, rigid structure, thick wall design. Each part respectively by the bolt connection. Under the floor there are four can be arbitrary adjust the weight from foot to foot, easy to install, without the installation of fixed base. When installation, according to different needs to outlet pipe installation into vertical direction or horizontal direction.

    1, mechanical seal USES the import high quality graphite and silicon carbide custom, greatly improving the wear resistance and the sex, prolong the service life. Pump head, the impeller used when making the overall precision casting, the impeller by high-precision dynamic balance testing to ensure the concentricity, all parts after surface treatment. When installed by the special jig ensure dimension clearance.

    2, shaft seal adopts open structure, even if the shaft seal has a small leakage, can also be detected in a timely manner. Even if a short period of time at the end of the notice will not overflow to the motor, thus ensuring the service life of the motor.

    3, this series of pump is made careful, not easy to scale, especially suitable for the CIP cleaning and excellent material transport efficiency.

    4, open impeller design has simple structure, in line with food hygiene requirements, remove the convenience of low noise, high efficiency, to content

    Gentle and soft material process under the food hygienic requirements and ensures that the original flavor and high quality products.

    5, this series double machine health pump for imported material with negative pressure or letter often break fluid has excellent effect on environment.

    zhongmu-Build health level of outstanding supplier of automation engineering

    Company specialized is engaged in the fluid equipment industry for more than 20 years, has accumulated rich valuable experience, engineering solved many schemes for the user, in order to market demand as the guide to serve customers for the purpose of customer satisfaction as the goal, and concentric agreed to take the quality as the core employees, meet such as dairy products, pharmacy, beverage, wine, such as the biological industry needs

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