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    ZAZ health rotor pump

    ZAZ health rotor pump

    Application:Milk, beverage, wine, medicine, biology, cosmetics

    Flow quantity: 1 t/h - 80 t/h

    Temperature range: - 20 ℃ to + 150 ℃

    Transfer speed, constant speed CVT/gear

    Connection mode: quick, thread, flange

    The motor power: 0.75 KW - 22 KW

    The motor voltage: 380 v

    Surface treatment: mirror inside and outside

    Application scope: dairy products, beverage, candy, spices, canned food, cosmetics and other viscous liquid.

    ZAZ rotor pump is grazing in the company USES advanced technology manufacturing multi-purpose two-way displacement pump, professional manufacturing technology and manufacturing precision of the products reached the international advanced level. It adopts two synchronous rotation of the rotor, the rotor case by a pair of synchronous gears in the transmission, in the main and auxiliary shaft drive, the rotor synchronous rotating in the opposite direction, capacity of pump product changes, thus constituted a high vacuum degree and the discharge pressure, especially suitable for health level of conveying medium with high viscosity and corrosive medium.

    The core of the product components and sealing device according to the different characteristics of different media, are made of different materials and different forms of sealing, improve the performance of the professional delivery of the product.

    CAM rotor pump should be widely in petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, paper making, chemical fiber, coating, metallurgy, oil and other industries. The biggest advantage of this pump, through its conveying material, don't change any chemical and physical properties of materials, to ensure the quality of the original are not affected.

    Compared with other rotor pump, the pump besides can transport high viscosity material, also has the following advantages:

    1, advanced structure of the pump impeller and transmission gear, and the impeller and the impeller, the impeller and the pump wall between

    A certain gap, out of touch with each other, do not wear, so the operation low noise, long service life.

    2, reliable seal: the pump into the shaft, the end face and outside outfit, dynamic and static ring pumps with mechanical seal, therefore

    Resistance to high pressure, is not easy to wear, don't let it out.

    3, select material excellent: all parts in contact with the conveying material, adopt stainless steel, and the polishing processing,

    Sealers adopt non-toxic rubber, so also facilitate clean, ensure clean sanitation.

    4, the pump pipe interface forms, small volume, large flow, lift the advantages of other aspects of higher pressure.

    zhongmu-Build health level of outstanding supplier of automation engineering

    Company specialized is engaged in the fluid equipment industry for more than 20 years, has accumulated rich valuable experience, engineering solved many schemes for the user, in order to market demand as the guide to serve customers for the purpose of customer satisfaction as the goal, and concentric agreed to take the quality as the core employees, meet such as dairy products, pharmacy, beverage, wine, such as the biological industry needs

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